Wells Fargo Cancelled My HAMP Loan Modification in Error

by Anonymous

I was approved for Hamp starting Oct 2009 Nov, Dec. I made the October payment on time (bank draft) 4 days later i received a letter stating cancelled due to no payment also Nov payment drafted out of my account. I sent letter to presidential office at Wells Fargo. They sent me a letter that they "inadvertently" applied those payments to late charges and started me on new Hamp starting Jan 2010. I made a total of 5 payments. Last one in May. Only to be told when I called that I was denied on 3/30/10(received denial letter on 5/16/10)reason was that I was previously on a Hamp program. Called numerous times to tell them they cancelled me in error, only to be told, they could not do anything.

I am in foreclosure now waiting on court date. What can I expect. Twice I prove I could make my payments but Wells Fargo refused to help me.

Will I lose my home?

Mortgage Modification Answer:

That sounds like a huge error on Wells Fargo's part. Since you seem to be getting nowhere with the reps at Wells, I think it's time you enlisted a professional to help you.

The company I recommend is attorney based and does not charge upfront fees for loan modification. They are very reputable and experienced and have done a great job with people I've referred. Please go to this page and fill out the short form so an analyst can assess your situation. These folks are very experienced at helping stop the foreclosure and negotiating with your lender to allow you to re-apply, making sure your new application is within your lender's guidelines.

It's worth a try since you've gotten nowhere with Wells Fargo on your own.

Good Luck, and I hope for the best outcome for you!

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