No Upfront Fee Loan Modification

You've Got Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose with a 
No Upfront Fee Loan Modification!

Here are the reasons why we highly recommend starting with this option:

  1. You don't pay a dime unless and until the loan modification company gets your bank to approve your loan modification request.

  2. This is a performance-based service.  The loan modification company bears all the risk of the transaction.  If they don't succeed, they don't get paid.  Therefore they have all the incentive in the world to champion your cause to your lenders and get your loan modification request approved.

  3. Why not use the expertise of professionals who process and negotiate multiple loan modifications day in and day out, are trained in the government program guidelines, know the in-house guidelines of different banks, and have more than likely dealt with hundreds if not thousands of loan modification scenarios?  Why go through the headache and fear of figuring everything out by yourself without the help of a knowledgeable advocate, when you have access to one at no upfront cost until your loan modification is approved?

  4. In California, the new SB94 law that passed prohibits all loan modification companies from charging upfront fees.  As expected, many companies have closed up shop because they cannot afford or do not want to operate on contingency.

  5. However, there are a few companies who have been doing loan modifications with No Upfront Fees, and there is one company in particular who is reputable, successful, and is a true No Upfront Fee loan modification company.  You pay no fees at all until you obtain an approval for your loan modification from your lender.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This company does not accept everyone because of the large amount of work involved which they will not get paid for unless they are successful.  So if they believe your case has an excellent chance of success, they will work on your behalf without charging any upfront fees.  Although there are no guarantees, those whom they do accept can rest assured they have have been pre-qualified in the best way possible to fit either HAMP guidelines or the lender's in-house loan modification guidelines. 

If you would like to see if you qualify for a No Upfront Fee loan modification with this company, please fill-out the form below and you will receive a response back on the same day or within 24 hours from one of their analysts.  

JUST A WARNING:  Please be advised that unlike the company I'm referring to in item #5 above, most companies who advertise themselves as "no upfront fee loan modification companies" actually have a step up fee structure where you have to make payments in increments starting when you become pre-qualified.  Another increment is collected around the time your application is submitted to your lender.  And then the final payment is due when you get your approval.  If you don't get approved, the previous fees paid up to that point are not refundable because they have already been paid for services rendered (qualification and submittal of your loan modification application). The fees are most often collected in an escrow account with either a law firm or escrow company who is approved to hold such payments, so that the loan modification company is in compliance with SB94, the no upfront fee law.  In my opinion, this isn't exactly "no upfront fee loan modification" so whoever you end up going with, please be sure the fee structure is clearly explained and that you understand and agree with it before you proceed.

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