Our Path to Debt Freedom

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Debt freedom has become a priority for me and my husband after the "rug was pulled from underneath us" and our financial house came tumbling down.  You can read our story and see the series of nightmarish events that led us to where we are today.

After going through the nightmare of losing our lifesavings, both getting laid off, having a heart attack, and going through a foreclosure of one of our real estate projects, we vowed to put a viable plan in place so that we will never again find ourselves fighting to keep the roof over our and our children's heads.

We decided to focus all our efforts and energy into debt freedom and decided on a two-pronged attack:  1)  eliminating our unsecured credit card debt through debt settlement while 2)  increasing our income at the same time by creating new sources of cash flow beyond the corporate jobs we have.  

We made very good income from real estate investing in the past, but unlike in the past, we no longer have financial capital to work with, so we are left with nothing but our brains as our intellectual capital.  

In addition to finding new jobs, we researched high and low for legitimate and viable opportunities to re-create our wealth and bring prosperity and abundance back into our lives.   During my countless hours of dilligent research, avoiding anything that even remotely looked, smelled, and seemed  like a scam (I am soooo done with Get Rich Quick schemes and flim flam operations), I stumbled upon Site Build It! (SBI) -- the most legitimate and comprehensive web business training I have ever come across.  

I read everything I could -- the case studies, action guide, forums, testimonials...I literally stayed up all night, consumed with wanting to know more and everything I learned about SBI led me to decide unequivocably that this was the real deal!  SBI is everything I've been looking for.

SBI is how I built this website.  I knew nothing about building a web or online business, but I knew that I needed to find something that would require very little or no financial capital, but where the sky's the limit in generating income with what I already knew -- with just my brain and motivation to succeed and become debt free and financially secure.  

There are countless SBI success stories of web business owners who have achieved, beyond all expectations, enough financial security with their SBI-built web businesses - from travel sites, to health remedies, to birthday party sites, to vacuum reviews, to Forex trading, and every topic and passion you can possibly think of!  

These successful webmasters now have businesses that generate income even as they sleep, and it affords them financial security during tough economic times.  Best of all, most of them have exited the rat race and are enjoying the lifestyle they've only dreamed of.

Through SBI, my husband and I are confident that we will achieve debt freedom, financial security, and peace of mind.  

If you are reading this right now, consider yourself lucky that you may have just stumbled upon a life changing opporunity -- go ahead and sieze your moment

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"The secret of success in life is for you to be ready for your
opportunity when it comes."

by Evan Esar