Tradtional Loan Modification Timeline for Approval

by Dean

Unfortunately there is no time line for approval. My recommendation is that when things are stalled after months of efforts the best course is to tell Citi that you are going to file a complaint with the Federal Reserve Consumer Complaint Division and the Controller of the Currency. Then do that.

Here is a link to the Federal Reserve Bank districts
If you click on the District and go to Consumer information you will find where to file a consumer complaint on line. Hawaii is San Francisco and the consumer complaint link is

Controller of the Currency consumer complaint web site

If your loan is an FHA look at the loan closing document Form HUD-1 and it will have a FHA case number. The call FHA directly.
Find the phone number for the FHA resource center here.

Lenders tend to stall and stall. Some are just plain overloaded and understaffed. You have to take steps to get their attention and these will do that.

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