Received Approval Then Next Day Denial

by Stephanie G
(Winters,ca usa)

I went into foreclosure then immediately started the loan modification process. After about 2 months of faxing all needed paperwork I received a letter sent by UPS stating i have been approved for a modification along with the letter I received my 3 month trial coupons to send in. Then few days later I received a letter from my bank stating I was not approved for the loan modification with HAMP and to keep my home I needed to pay arrears in full. How is this possible?????? How can they say yes and then even before my trial starts i get denied? The letter of approval was dated 9-20 and the denial 9-21!!! Can u please offer me some explanation/ hope.

Mortgage Loan Modification Answer:

The first thing you need to do is clarify with your bank which letter is correct. They may have sent the denial in error.

If your loan modification is in fact denied, then by all means, find out why so you know what action to take.

If you are denied for HAMP, your bank should automatically have you apply for one of their in-house or traditional loan modification programs.

I hope all turns out well for you!

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