Hamp Trial Payments

by Tonya Stonehocker
(Las Vegas Nevada)

We just made our second Hamp trial payment and they said we are being reviewed for our permanent modification and will know in 10 days. I thought all Hamp trials were for three months?

Mortgage Loan Modification Answers:

First of all, Congratulations on being approved for HAMP even if it's only trial for now.

HAMP trial modifications typically lasts for three months. It looks like you are already coming up on your third month since you've already made two months' worth of payments.

It seems you are on track since your bank is already getting ready to review your case for permanent loan modification since your trial period is about to end.

Make sure you make your next trial payment on time and according to your written agreement with your bank until they issue the approval for your permanent modification.

All the best to you!

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