HAMP Denied by GMAC Because They Did Not Receive My Package On The Deadline

I was denied a GMAC HAMP after I was approved because I sent the package back July 22 instead of the July 22 deadline but i called them first and they said that was ok. GMAC says I can't be reconsidered for HAMP now.

They took my traditional loan modification package but denied it today saying I didn't have enough income.

I sent them corrected info because i was so nervous i made a mistake on the income.

They said they can't do ANYTHING unless its received 7 days in advance of my sale. Since the sale of my home is this Thursday they said too bad!

What can I do????

Mortgage Loan Modification Answer:

I hope you documented all your verbal conversations with the GMAC representative who told you it was okay that you send your package back on the deadline day (instead of them receiving it by the deadline day, causing you to lose your HAMP loan modification approval.

All your conversations were recorded so if you have the date and time and name of the rep you spoke with, you might want to hire a lawyer to help reverse the denial of your application because of the misinformation provided by the GMAC representative.

Your situation is tragic and unfortunately, is echoed by many other homeowners who experience the same mishandling of their loan modification by the bank.

Please contact a qualified and experienced attorney for advise on your particular situation.

All the best to you.

Please come back and share your outcome so that other visitors may benefit from any information you can provide.

Again, best of luck to you.

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Jan 22, 2011
Bad experience with GMAC
by: Char N. J.

I tried to do a loan modification with GMAC as well and i did keep track of who i spoke to, date but not the time. But anyway, when i was starting to have trouble paying my mortgage due to my husband leaving me and my kids, i sent 2,099.00 to them to cover what they told is April's and May's 2010 default payment but let me back up a lil. When i did have the funds to try to keep up with the house payments i called GMAC and i spoke to a lady and i gave her my account number and i believe the routing number too and somehow this lady entered the last digit of my account number incorrectly and it messed up the whole payment process! I called back one day to check up on my payment and made sure the account number was entered correctly and i this particular lady said one of the last digit isn't what i just said to her so the i was told that the funds were sent back into my account and i checked for it the whole month of August and it was never put back into my account. I called back of course i was depressed over alot of things including my separation from my husband that i cried over the phone with them. Then another respresentative would tell me that no it was received and payment was applied and then another GMAC representative would say not it was reversed back into my account...it was a mess! I was given a straight answer and of course i waited for my money. I was then wanting to find an answer and asked for a print out and that i couldn't even read and understand where the money were dispursed into. I thought to myself, these numbers look foreign to me and it didn't give me a clear answer. So, the whole mess began that way. Then i filled out a loan modification with the Loss Mitigation Dept and i did send in everything they asked of me and they still turned me down and now they filed a summons, a complaint against me and my ex. They also wanted my ex to sign a Quit Claim form so that i can modify the loan myself and i sent that to my ex and they didn't sign it and wouldnt work with me..i did everything on my part to cooperate with GMAC to help me but they didn'thelp me in return. One particular lady was very rude. I'm glad i took some names and of course i didn't want to call them or talk to them anymore so i stopped calling them because i didn't want to be upset again only for them to tell me something negative. GMAC reprsentative, some of them don't know what they are talking about. I spoke to some supervisors because i specifally requested to talk to several supervisors and they were not able to give me a straigt answer on where my money went. I am so disappointed in GMAC with the lack of knowledge and the customer service stinks!

Nov 06, 2010
GMAC mishandling of modification request
by: Anonymous

I hope that someone out there that can make a diffrence GMAC mishandling of HAMP and HAMP2 (2MP) modification requests. I have applied and been denied 4 times by since August 2010 for modification to my outraeous 11% second mortgage. Since my hours were cut back at work I had a hardship and have asked for help with my mortgage. I was denid for not enough income (yeah that is what a hardship is). Since oct 21 I have spoken to 30 different loan counsleors and have been given 30 different stories all are documented with dates and times. I actually found 2 representative that said I do qualify and I should have been modified already and they wer "escalting it and personally going to handle it" only to never find them again. I am GMAC asking for the HAMP 2 modification and the guidelines state that once the first has been modified under HAMP (which took 9 months and many denials with Aurora Loan) and the second lender is a HAMP 2 partcipant (which GMAC is listed as a participant on the government website) they must modify the second in conjuction with the first without additional evaluation. The homeowners signs a release form for the first mortgage servicer to release the HAMP information to the second and they must mirror what the first lender did. Of couse all of the GMAC representatives know nithing about this I have even walked them through the website so they can see for themselves. Then they start quoting GMAC guidelines. GMAC needs to be held accountable for their despicable behavoirs in processing these HAMP and HAMp 2 requests. I hope there is someone out there that can get to them and make them do what they are supposed to. I also wonder if they perhaps got some stimulas money to agree to and be listed as HAMP and HAMP participants and they are misusing the money for their own personl gain. If you have applies please stay dilligent. I call 2 and 3 times a day I ask for supervisor after supervisor and document and document if GAMC is ever challenge by the govenment for unfair practices I will be ewith my documentatiuon to se that they get all of the fines and punishment they deserve. GAMC HAMP and HAMP 2 applicants you are not alone.

Oct 20, 2010
St Louis
by: Dean

This process I am about to tell you ALWAYS - REPEAT ALWAYS gets results.

You need to keep a note pad with the Date, Time, Name, phone extension and ID of the person you talk to along with a summary of the phone conversation. These documents should accompany any complaint.

1)Contact your Federal Reserve Consumer Complaint Division by telephone. They will tell you who regulates the loan servicer -- ie Federal Reserve and which office or Comptroller of the Currency.
2) File a formal written complaint. Federal Reserve you can do this by letter or fax. Comptroller of the Currency has a web site to file a complaint - http://www.occ.treas.gov/customer.htm
3) Determine if this is an FHA or HUD loan. You can do this by the case number on the HUD-1. If it is a FHA/HUD call the National Service Center and ask your case be escalated.
4) Call and fax your Congressman and Representative. They should have a local office. Go see then. Take any documentation with you.

Oct 20, 2010
Hamp with gmac rip off
by: Jason Mckinney

Same thing happen to me. They said it was ok to send the paperwork in after I got back from out of town. GMAC had me make a payment and then sent me a letter stating they recieved the paperwork a day to late. Jason McKinney (Southfield mi)

Sep 02, 2010
GMAC - Action to Reverse Loan Modification Denial
by: Dean

You have to be on the offensive here. While an attorney is a good process, you also need to act on your own behalf because of the short time frame. GMAC is regulated by the Controller of the Currency rather than the Federal Reserve. However, I would still call your local Federal Reserve Consumer Complaint, they are knowledgable and helpful. Go to Contrlller of the Currency web site and file a consumer complaint. Again documentations (as the other individual stated) is of utmost importance. Who you talked to; representative ID, date and time. Always keep a pad of paper with you and log each and every conversation along with notes of the content of the conversation. Is this an FHA loan? Call FHA directly? Is this a HUD load, call HUD directly? You can tell if it is FHA as your original loan closing statement (HUD-1) will have an FHA case number. You will need that when you call FHA.

A good attorney will be able to do a forensic audit of your loan documents. One attorney told me 80% of loans have defects where the title is not perfected. For example, the servicer may not have the signed loan papers or may not have recorded the Deed of Trust (as we have found in two cases out of 70). The servicer forecloses because they think they can then clean up the paperwork later.

Even if they do foreclose, often they do not record the foreclosure and let you stay in the house. They can not take care of them and GMAC knows they will lose 40% of the value in damages and maintenance, insurance, taxes once it is vacant. Average days to eviction are 461 days. You have a place to stay rent free while you get back on your financial feet.

Look up Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey. Great great course to help with finances.

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