CitiMortgage customer service not familiar with 2MP program

by Lang

I called CitiMortgage last Friday 8-20-10 to see what I need to do to be on the 2MP program and they are not aware of this program. I was transferred to 5 different people/departments and no one seemed to know what 2MP or Second Lien Mortgage Program is. One lady I talked to said she can do the FDIC program with me. I asked if this is the program that requires me to be on the HAMP program first before I can be considered. She said no. They have their own criteria. So now, I am confused. I am reading that Citi bank participates in this Obama 2MP program, and their employees are not familiar with it.

As a background, I have my mortgage thru Wells Fargo, and I am enrolled in the HAMP program since March this year. I want to know if Citi will work with my second mortgage thru 2 MP program. I want to know if they have a specific name for this program so that their employees would know what I am asking for.

Mortgage Modification Answer:

My first mortgage is with CitiMortgage and I have to say that their loss mitigation reps are some of the worst informed with regards to loan modification in general.

Every single time I called to check status of my loan modification, each different rep would contradict the other and would tell me something different from what a previous rep told me.

I would suggest you call 888-995-HOPE (4673), request a counselor who knows the 2MP program, and get on a conference call with the counselor and CitiMortgage. The counselor knows how to escalate your inquiry and should be able to at least get you in the right direction.

Inform the HOPE counselor where you got the information you read that states CitiMortgage is participating in this program so you can cite it during the call.

I helped a friend call a HOPE counselor, who turned out to be very knowledgeable, and was able to help my friend re-apply after being denied for a loan modification. It was not for the 2MP program, but the point is that a counselor will act as your advocate and can help you with your discussions with CitiMortgage.

Please come back and let us know how it all turns out for you. Visitors to this site thank you in advance and will appreciate any shared information that could help them as well.

If there is anyone out there who can help Lang with her 2MP application with CitiMortgage, please take time to share any information you may have.

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Dec 02, 2010
Citi Does not Have you in There 2MP database
by: Dean

There should be a fax number on the paperwork you recieved to submit documents. I would complete the financial paperwork and fax to Citi along with a copy of your Citi Mortgage statement with the account number. If there is a mailing address I would also mail it to the 2MP dept either by FedX, UPS or Certified Mail. Something to document receipt by Citi.

Again be sure to keep a log of each and every conversation you have with Citi. Date, Time, Reps Name and Id, Telephone number and phone extension. Every piece of information they will give you to identify themselves. This log is your evidence of good faith.

Nov 29, 2010
CITI 2mp
by: anonymous

After i blogged about how unfamiliar citimortgage was with the 2mp program, i got paperwork in the mail from citimortgage approving me for the 2mp program. since i had some questions on the forms, i called the 800 # listed, and gave the the corresponding acct # they assigned to me, and NO ONE in that 800# knew about my acct. they could not find my acct by my last name, my social security #, and my home address. I was floored to discover that although i had the paperwork they sent, they did not have me in their database. NOBODY could answer my questions because i was not in their database! when i called the regular citi home equity line of credit 800# (from my monthly statements), they could access my account and were helpful, but since i'm refinancing thru the 2mp program, i had to be transferred to the HAMP 2mp dept that did not have me on their system. THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!!

Sep 03, 2010
Dean - Thanks for the Great Info
by: Foreclosure Help Center

Hi Dean,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this site. Your tips have been very helpful.

Again, thanks for taking the time!


Aug 31, 2010
2nd Hamp Program
by: Dean

You will find that GMAC is regulated by the Controller of the Currency while Citi is regualted by the Federal Reserve. Thus Citi participates because it is required to and GMAC does not because they are not required to. The playing field is not level between companies. It depends on who they are regulated by and thus exempt from the law as was written. Stinks, but sadly true when we pass a bill without reading it.

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