Can a Mortgage Company Stop Taking Your Monthly Payments and Say That You Were Behind Then Throw You Into Foreclosure?

by Anonymous

Can a mortgage company stop taking your monthly payments and say that you were behind when you weren't, throw you into foreclosure and let your payments build up? What to do when you had life insurance on your home and the company didn't carry it over to the next owner and now that your spouse has passed you are still stuck with payments and or going into foreclosure?

Mortgage Loan Modification Answer:

That just sounds completely wrong! Your bank should not be able to get away with what you are saying they are doing to you. I would strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified and experienced attorney to help you with your legal rights as a borrower.

If you don't know any attorneys, call my friend Art Samontina of PCI Solution Center for a referral. You can contact him at or at or (323) 289-2255. Let him know Grace from Foreclosure Help Center told you to call.

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