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Credit scoring is a process which is completely based on profit, not risk. Banks will take those customers who will prove good for them in the future, not on what’s profitable for their customers. People who are solvent are rejected simply on the basis that they may be unlikely to act in a way that’s profitable for banks.

The credit crunch has magnified this and resulted in too many people drowning in debts they can no longer control. The only good thing is that people can access reports from certain companies to check their credit scores. Any inaccurate information causes people to be rejected for services for which they would normally be approved for.

If such inaccuracies exist, a person can dispute it by writing a credit repair letter to the credit bureaus. However, to make any letter effective, there are several things that must be kept in mind.

Components of an Effective Credit Repair Sample Letter:

  • Contact Info - In any credit repair sample letters, you will see that it’s important to make sure you provide your full name, current address and telephone number.
  • Inaccuracies - Start by detailing the inaccuracies reported by the credit bureau on your credit report.You should start by pointing out anything that is misleading, inaccurate or simply not relevant to you.
  • Copy of Credit Report - To make sure that your words have an impact, send along a copy of your credit report and highlight any errors on it. Attach with these any statements or receipts that support your claims. For example, if you’re disputing that you have not paid off a certain debt, it would help to include a receipt that shows that you have. Provide basic information and let the bureau contact the creditors to verify it. In credit repair sample letters, you will also notice that it is important to request politely that any inaccurate information be removed, updated or changed.  
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act - The important thing would be to get across the fact that you are aware of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and debt collection laws.  Ask that the credit bureau thoroughly investigate your claims. Also, make sure to ask that if your claims are found to be true, then any and all creditors who have received your credit report in the last six months, should receive the new, amended copy of your credit report. Request that they also send you the new report.  
  • 2-3 Dispute Per Letter - Another thing most credit repair sample letters explain is that it is NOT very helpful to mix different types of disputes in one letter. If there are 2-3 pieces of wrong information in your credit report, then write a letter for all three to dispute the incorrect information. But writing about four, five or even more items to dispute, makes you come across as frivolous. If that happens, no investigation will take place. 
  • Investigation Report - It would also help to point out that as required by the FCRA, the credit bureau should send you all the details of their investigation if your claims are found to be true. This should be within 15 days of the investigation being completed.  
  • Concise and Informed - By having a look credit repair sample letters, it becomes clear that your letter should be concise, to-the-point and highlights everything in an orderly manner. Most of all, you should come across as someone who knows exactly what you are doing and that you've done your research and know your credit report and credit score components.  

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