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The best foreclosure help comes from educating yourself on how foreclosure works and knowing your best options.  Period.  Learn how to save your home out of foreclosure from foreclosure options that have no upfront costs.  Eliminate the fear of being  scammed and the fear of losing your home.  Learn answers to your foreclosure questions, so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

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This foreclosure help website is dedicated to providing comprehensive information so that you can become educated on all the foreclosure solutions available.

You will learn proven methods to stop foreclosure now and how to prevent foreclosure in the future. Your options include:

  • Short Sales 
  • Debt Settlement
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The ultimate goal is for you to become empowered enough so you can then decide which foreclosure help or solution is best for your personal situation and know how to take the right actions to achieve your financial goals.

So if you are confused, overwhelmed, angry, embarrassed, or depressed...breathe. Most of what you're feeling is because of the uncertainty that comes with the threat of foreclosure and the painful thought of possibly losing your home. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing to say the least. I know...I've been there and it's a very dark place. You can read My Story.

You don't have to be in the dark and start from scratch with your own research. I've already done 95% of the work for you. My many hours, days, and weeks of research for my own personal situation have uncovered important information that gurus sell for thousands of dollars. You need only to read...then take action and take control of your financial well-being!

Just think of how good you'll feel once you've crossed the finish line...

"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action." - Herbert Spencer

Foreclosure Help Center - Table of Contents

Mortgage Loan Modification
Critical strategies that will get your mortgage loan modification approved
Loan Modification Companies
Do not hire any loan modification companies until you read this
No Upfront Fee Loan Modification
True No Upfront Fee Loan Modification means you pay NO fees until approved. This company is performance-based, reputable, and reliable. You would be foolish to go anywhere else.
HAMP Loan Modifications as one of the best Foreclosure Help solutions
The best way to qualify for HAMP loan modification
Traditional Loan Modification
Apply for traditional loan modification if you are denied for HAMP. Learn the guidelines. You can apply multiple times.
Hard Money Real Estate Loans
Hard Money Real Estate Loans to stop foreclosure if you do no qualify for loan modification
Residential Hard Money Loan
A residential hard money loan can stop foreclosure. Find out how to qualify and find the right hard money lender for you.
How Does Foreclosure Work? What is the mortgage foreclosure process?
So how does foreclosure work? What is the mortgage foreclosure process? Here are the steps for judicial and non-judicial foreclosure that you must know before taking any action to resolve your situation.
Timeline For Foreclosure
Timeline for foreclosure is based on foreclosure state laws and your lender's procedures. It is important that you know which timeline applies to you.
California Foreclosure Law
California Foreclosure Law for Judicial and Non-Judicial foreclosure, and Deficiency Judgments
Foreclosure Law - Compare state foreclosure laws
Find out your state's foreclosure law with regards to timelines, procedures, deficiency judgments, and rights of redemption before exploring your best foreclosure options.
Hard Money Loan
Know the type of hard money loan you need to get the best interest rates and terms.
After Foreclosure - Best steps to take to get back on track.
After foreclosure, what is next? Exactly what happens after foreclosure? Do you know what to expect and what are the best actions to take to get your life back on track?
California Hard Money Loan
Information you need to know before applying for a California hard money loan. Know the new regulations regarding California hard money loan lending.
Private Hard Money Lenders
Private hard money lenders are still lending while banks and traditional lending institutions have tightened...
Foreclosure Options
What foreclosure options are right for you? Make the best decision on what foreclosure option is right for yourself and your family.
Foreclosure and Bankruptcy
Foreclosure and Bankruptcy - How to use Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Bankruptcy Chapter 13 to delay or stop foreclosure.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws that you must know before filing.
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Means Test
Find out if you have to take the Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Means Test, and if you do, how to take it and pass
Foreclosure Help BLOG
New foreclosure help tips, strategies, success stories, and questions and answers, to give you the education you need to take action.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws - A guide to what you need to know before filing.
2MP HAMP, Second Mortgage Modification
2MP HAMP Guidelines - Modify or extinguish your second mortgage loan with 2MP.
Debt Collection Laws
Debt collection laws from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA protect you from unfair collection practices
Foreclosure Questions
Foreclosure questions and answers to help you decide which foreclosure help solution to use.
Do It Yourself Loan Modification Kit - The only DIY Loan Mod Kit that Overdelivers!
This Do It Yourself Loan Modification Kit is the best I've seen in the market. I've had to sift through tons of disappointing E-Books before I found this lifesaving DIY loan modification kit.

It is entirely possible to save your home out of foreclosure from foreclosure solutions that have no upfront costs.  Click here to see loan modification success stories.